In order to ensure that only qualified members sit for the Examination, an applicant must have a minimum of two hundred and fifty (250) points earned through any combination of the following:

A. Ten (10) points for a high school diploma or GED;
B. Twenty (20) points for a 2-year associate degree(s) or technical or vocational educational                     certificate from a state or federally approved program (transcript required) and/or;
C. Forty (40) points for a 4-year college degree (transcript required);
D. Twenty (20) points for a doctorate or equivalent postgraduate degree;
E. Forty (40) points (maximum based on 10 points per recognized certification) upon showing                   proof of at least one recognized certification (e.g. SAMS, NAMS, CFE, CPCU, etc.);
F. One Hundred (100) points (maximum) for experience calculated at ten (10) points a year for                   up to ten (10) years in a field, directly or indirectly, related to marine matters, criminology/law                 enforcement, or insurance;
G. One Hundred (100) points (maximum) for training, a minimum of fifty (50) points of which                       must be from IAMI sponsored training. Attendance at an IAMI Annual Training Seminar is                     counted as thirty (30) points (or 10 points per day for a Regional) for the purpose of sitting for               the exam. Credit shall be given for attending Annual Training Seminars and Regional                          Training Seminars within the last five (5) years. Other non-IAMI subject related
             training shall be calculated at five (5) points each within the last five (5) years;
H. Twenty (20) points (maximum) for courses or lectures taught within the last five (5) years                       calculated at five (5) points for each with a maximum of four (4); and,
I.  Twenty (20) points (maximum) for books, articles, or papers authored within the last five(5)                    years calculated at five (5) credits for each with a maximum of four (4).

Points shall be claimed on the application to sit for the Examination. All supporting documentation must be submitted with the application. (No exception to points shall be made.  Each category must be met)