CMI Qualifications

Only active members of IAMI are eligible for certification. To achieve the CMI designation a member must meet the following minimum requirements:

A. Be of high moral character;
B. Meet the minimum educational and experience requirements;
C. Pass the uniform CMI Examination;
D. Maintain required continuing professional education;
E. Pay annual Association dues; and,
F. Agree to abide by the IAMI Bylaws and SOP‟s Chapter 8, Section 2, Membership Code of Conduct.


Academic performance at an institution of higher learning is recognized by IAMI as one measure of the skill and dedication of a marine industry professional. IAMI also recognizes that many of its members obtain their education from demonstrated experience in the field working on cases and considers this another measure to be considered. However, there is a minimal educational requirement that the applicant has obtained a high school degree or a state recognized GED.


A minimum of three (3) years of experience is required to be certified as a CMI. The experience requirement must be related, directly or indirectly, to marine matters, criminology/law enforcement, or insurance.