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The fee for filing the application and any re-application is $95.00, payable at the time of filing. The fee for taking the examination is $200.00. If a retest is required, the fee shall be waived for a period of one (1) year or to the next Annual Training Seminar, whichever is greater.

The fee for the five (5) year recertification is $95.00, payable at the time of filing. If CMI member submits required paperwork and fee during their suspension period, an additional late fee ($50.00) must be paid to cover the cost of certified letter and administration costs.

All fees are non- refundable and must be received in advance or at the time of the item to which they relate. The applicant will be responsible for all bank fees associated with an insufficient check. All fees are payable in US funds.

Mandatory 5 Year Re-Certification (Contact HQ for Application)

Certification is awarded for a period of five (5) years, renewable on July 31st of the Certification Year. A Recertification Application shall be obtained from IAMI Headquarters, the IAMI website, or at the Annual Training Conference. Failure to recertify will result in the CMI being required to retake and pass the CMI examination and pay appropriate testing fees.

Recertification shall require the CMI to demonstrate that they have met the minimum continuing professional education requirements of one hundred (100) points for a five (5) year period; that they are still an IAMI member in good standing; that they are still employed in the marine industry, criminology/law enforcement or insurance; and that they have attended at least one (1) IAMI Annual Training Conference within the last five (5) years.

Continued certification as a CMI is dependent on the timely presentation of recertification application and supporting documentation. CMI Certifications will be suspended if not renewed 

by the July 31st deadline on the 5 year anniversary. Upon suspension, the CMI/Member will be notified by Certified Letter that his or her CMI has been suspended. CMI’s/Members have 30 days from the date of the suspension letter to forward their Recertification Application and Supporting Documents to IAMI Headquarters or their CMI status will be suspended. If CMI member submits required paperwork and fee during their suspension period, an additional late fee ($50.00) must be paid to cover the cost of certified letter and administration costs.

Any CMI/Member who has, by way of failing to recertify their CMI Credentials during the suspension period must then reapply to the CMI Program; submit a new application with $95.00 application fee, pay the $200.00 examination fee and retest at the next available CMI examination date. Until successfully reinstated the Member must not represent himself/herself as an IAMI Certified Marine Investigator.

*IAMI Annual Training Seminar credit is calculated at twenty-four (24) points or eight (8) points per day, IAMI Regional Training is calculated at eight (8) points per day. All other training is calculated at one (1) point per hour of training.

Revocation/Suspension of Certification

Failure to maintain current membership will immediately suspend a CMI‟s status until past dues are paid in full. A lapse of membership over two years will require reapplication to the CMI Program as stated previously under Section III.

The revocation/suspension of a certification is a very serious matter not only to the CMI, but also to IAMI, its members and its reputation. Investigations related to revocation and suspension issues shall be conducted by the CMI Committee and shall be of a private and confidential nature.

Although it may not be required, the investigation process shall be conducted with the principles of due process in mind. Witnesses may be interviewed, documents requested, and a hearing conducted. The CMI affected shall have the right to present testimonial and documentary evidence on their own behalf. The CMI is under a duty to cooperate in the process and failure to do so shall be immediate grounds for revocation.

The Committee will attempt to complete its investigation in as timely a manner as permitted by the facts and circumstances of the investigation. The investigation process may be conducted in person, by telephone, email, letters, fax, or any combination of them. The findings and recommendations of the CMI Committee shall be submitted in a report within thirty (30) days after the completion of the investigation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may accept or reject, in whole or in part, the findings and recommendations of the Committee or request further investigation or clarification.

The Board of Directors shall notify the CMI by first-class mail within thirty (30) days of its receipt of the Committee’s report the status of their certification.

The grounds for revocation or suspension include, but are not limited to: the attempt to or commission of fraud or dishonesty; improper conduct or conduct injurious to IAMI; lewd or lascivious conduct; conviction of any crime involving fraud, dishonesty, or misrepresentation; material misrepresentation committed in the application process; and, defaming or otherwise injuring the reputation of another IAMI member, except as may be permitted by law such as being an adversarial expert witness and being asked to comment on the work of another member.

Revocation shall also result in immediate expulsion as a member of IAMI. A member who has had their certification revoked shall be ineligible for certification again.

Suspension of a certification may include a requirement that the CMI take curative measures for the complained conduct, such as taking classes in ethics, making restitution, issuing an apology, seeking rehabilitative assistance, and the like. Complying with these measures within the stated time period will be required before the suspension is lifted and the certification re-instated.

The Appeal Process

In the event a member thinks their certification has been improperly revoked or suspended, they must specify in writing their reasons and supporting evidence within sixty (60) days of notification of the final resolution of the certification review process. If a telephonic or in-person hearing is requested, it should be specified in the writing. The writing must be sent to IAMI Headquarters by first-class mail with return receipt requested.

The Board of Directors or its designee(s) shall oversee the appeals process. If requested, the appeal may include a telephonic or in-person hearing that will be conducted in private. If no hearing is requested, the member will be required to provide whatever other information is requested to assist in determining the appeal.

The appeal shall be heard and resolved, and notice provided within sixty (60) days of receipt of the notice of appeal. Final determination as to the revocation or suspension status is at the sole discretion of the IAMI Board of Directors, or its designee.


All matters pertaining to an applicant seeking certification and post-certification matters shall be confidential in nature. IAMI shall in good faith and in the exercise of functions shall use its best efforts to ensure confidentiality. Since information may be emailed, faxed or otherwise available to uninterested parties, IAMI cannot guarantee, nor does it guarantee, that confidentiality can be preserved.

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