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IAMI Investigator Success Stories

IAMI Success Stories is used to determine the IAMI Investigator of the Year Award.  Stories are now being accepted for consideration.  Please read the following message from Pat Rowland.  Online submission will be accepted soon.

(Pat Rowland, Secretary-Treasurer, Past President)

I feel strongly that mentioning this again is worthwhile; we must remember to tell others of our successes!  A key to the continued success of our organization is to improve our “marketing”.  It is quite evident that a criminal will not compliment the work ethic, knowledge or skill of the investigator who was responsible for his/her apprehension.  Describing one’s own successes is not boasting but, rather, a way for the rest of the world to learn of a “job-well-done.”  We must explore the use of media outlets and trade journals to inform the public of the great things that are being done by IAMI members.  Telling others of your successes accomplishes several goals:  it acts as a deterrent; it promotes your agency or company; and, just as important, it promotes IAMI, the organization that helps you professionally through training and networking.

What is needed for your “Success Story:”

Investigator(s) Name(s):  List title and name (includes LE and NLE)

Agency//Company:  Law Enforcement Agency and/or Non-LE Agency

The Investigation:  Summation of the Investigation.

Key Factors Leading to Success:  What worked.

Suggestions to Other Investigators:  What you learned.

Investigator Success Stories Process:

IAMI's "Investigator of the Year"  Committee:  Authenticates facts of story.

 NOW is the Time to Send in Your Investigator Success Stories!

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