How to Become a CMI

The Certified Marine Investigator Program was founded in 2004 by IAMI members Richard Stavin, Todd Schwede and Daniel Rutherford, under the leadership of then IAMI President Patrick Rowland.  IAMI instituted the CMI program as a certification program for its members who have demonstrated and exemplified the highest professionalism, educational and ethical values within their chosen marine investigation fields.  The successful CMI candidate undergoes a rigorous application process, to include high standards of education, certifications, published materials, lectures, training and work history.  Upon being fully vetted by the CMI Committee Members, the CMI applicant must then sit for and pass, with a minimum passing grade of 80%, the CMI examination consisting of 150 questions from areas of study including marine terminology, marine theft, insurance fraud, boating accident investigation, marine fire origin and cause as well as insurance, title & registration information.  The CMI designation has been recognized through the Federal District Court Level as a recognized expert designation.  The Certified Marine Investigator is well positioned to provide an unbiased complete and thorough investigation and analysis of any case to his or her client.

Renew your CMI

CMI Recertification Application (Restricted to Current CMI's)