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CMI Application Procedures

The Application must be obtained from the IAMI website. Ideally, the CMI application should be completed and submitted online. CMI Application and Payment Links can be found on the "" web site in the "Members Only" area.  The Application, whether online or by mail, together with supporting documentation and the Application fee shall be forwarded to IAMI Headquarters. The Application will be processed and forwarded to the CMI Committee for review and a determination of eligibility** shall be made within sixty (60) calendar days after the date of receipt or for a reasonable time thereafter if so warranted.

**The Application will be reviewed by the CMI Committee to determine whether it was filled out correctly, whether adequate supporting documentation was provided for each credit claimed, and that the computation of credits is accurate. The CMI Committee will forward all properly completed Applications to IAMI‟s Board of Directors, or its designee, within fourteen (14) days for final review and approval to be completed by the Board of Directors, or its designee, within fourteen days of receipt.

A notification will be sent by the CMI Committee to advise the applicant of the acceptance of their Application within fourteen (14) days of receiving notification of approval from the Board of Directors, or its designee. Approved applications will be considered valid for one (1) year from the date of notice. The applicant must take the Examination within that one (1) year, unless good cause can be shown to the Board of Directors, or its designee, why the approval should be extended another year.

When an applicant or Application are determined to be ineligible for any reason such as incomplete information, lack of supporting documentation, lack of qualifying credits or other reasonable disqualifying reasons, the applicant will be sent notification within fourteen (14) days after the determination explaining the reasons for the rejection.

An applicant may re-file the Application within one (1) year of the date of rejection. No additional fees are required for the re-filing. If the second filing is rejected, the applicant must re- apply by submitting a new Application and fee. A rejected applicant shall have the right to appeal the rejection as described herein.

To receive an application please email IAMI HQ

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