Sponsorship/Donation Information

As 2019 approaches we are always looking at renewing and making new partners in the area of Marine Investigations.  It is important to us to keep making these relationship not only to keep the lines of communications open with multiple agencies but companies that provide us with vast amount of tools and knowledge that we need to make our job easier.  One way for us to do that is through our yearly conference. If you are new to IAMI then this is a great way for you to reach out to multiple agencies/ investigators and share your new and innovative tools with us.  If you have been a long standing partner then this is your time to continue on with this valuable relationship that we so much appreciate and look forward to.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels
(The packages are for 2019 and subject to change at anytime)
Sponsorship Registration  Exhibitor Kit

App Sponsor  Diamond Level  Platinum Level  Gold Level  Silver Level
Package Donation Cost ($US)   $3500.00 $2500.00  $1500.00  $1000.00  $500.00
General Advertising/Promotional Benefits      
One email blast to the entire membership sent by IAMI on your behalfX XX
Facebook and Twitter InteractionsX  XX

Advertising on IAMI website *minimum time
(includes placement of logo and link to website and link to your company website)

 12 months* 12  months*12 months*9 months*6 months*
Annual Training Seminar Benefits     
Seminar Banquet Sponsor  X   
Break Sponsor   X  
Complimentary tickets to the Annual Training Seminar 542
Complimentary tickets to the President's Reception 51
Complimentary tickets to the Seminar Banquet Dinner 5
Exhibitor Booth *Double tables if requested X* X* X XX
Wi-fi (If Feasible)X X X XX 
Inclusion of company logo and links to your website in the IAMI Mobile Seminar App
(Exhibitors Only-If App used))
Exclusive Banner on bottom of APPX     
Entry to nightly networking Hospitality eventsX X X X X 
Opportunity to present to the delegates during the 'Sponsors Presentations' session
(*if time allows)

X X X X* X*