International Association of Marine Investigators, Inc.

(Updated – 9.21.20)

Administration History Document

Birth of “NAMI” and “IAMI”

Pat Rowland - IAMI Historian

National Association of Marine Investigators

1986 - 1990 Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster

In 1986, Major Dave MacGillis of the Florida Marine Patrol organized and published the first "Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster."  This roster was intended to assist investigators in combating marine crime by providing contact information for persons from various agencies involved in marine theft investigations.

It was an effort to network marine investigators who were combating high profit, low risk marine theft and insurance fraud by providing a contact person to enhance their investigative efforts.  The roster was initially made up of approximately 300 officer and agents, both law enforcement and private, who had agreed to assist in the investigation of stolen boats, motors and boat trailers; registration/title fraud or insurance fraud.  When called upon, a spirit of cooperation was expected in doing documented searches, interviews, inspections, or whatever it took to support the successful investigation.

Annual seminars were held in 1986, 1987 and 1988 in connection with the annual training seminar of the Southeast Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.  In 1989, a three-day training seminar was held in New Orleans sponsored by the Southern States Boating Law Administrators.  The 1989 National Roster was updated to reflect the almost 500 officers and agents, both law enforcement and private, who had agreed to assist in investigations relating to marine thefts and vessel title frauds. A Manufacturer's Identification Code (MIC) data book, as well as a boat trailer manufacturer book, was created.  The spirit of cooperation in an effort to support successful investigations continued.     

By 1990, over 700 officers and agents, both law enforcement and private, had agreed to assist in investigations relating to marine thefts and vessel title frauds. 

The foundation was laid for “NAMI - IAMI Networking”

1991 National Association of Marine Investigators, (NAMI) Inc.

In 1991, the organization was officially established and incorporated as the “National Association of Marine Investigators, (NAMI) Inc.” 

NAMI Objectives:

  • Provide marine theft investigative training
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of marine theft and related investigative activities and other topics of interest
  • Promote marine theft prevention and suppression.
  • Encourage mutual cooperation between law enforcement agencies and marine organizations.
  • Focus on the needs of the marine community
  • Unite for the mutual benefit those persons who are eligible for membership as specified in Article II of NAMI's By-laws.
  • Accumulate and disseminate information of interest to all members.
  • Eliminate all factors which interfere with the administration of justice.
  • Operate as a non-profit organization.
  • Appropriate no funding for political lobbying.

NAMI Memberships:

Active Membership: Those representatives of municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies who are full time salaried employees with peace officer powers or are engaged in intelligence gathering.  United States Coast Guard officials, Special Agents of the National Auto Theft Bureau (NICB),  and administrative officials of vessel registering or titling authorities shall be eligible for active membership provided an application has been approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Associate Membership:  Those persons not covered under  Active Membership: including Reserve, Auxiliary or Retired Law Enforcement Officers, shall be eligible for Associate Membership upon submission of an application of the Chairman of the Membership Committee and approval by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Associate members shall have all the privileges of an active member including voting and may serve as a Director
as provided by the NAMI By-laws.  An Associate Member may be excluded from any training session when the subject matter is of confidential nature of rom any  business meeting when it is deemed for the good of the NAMI at the discretion of the President.

Corporate Membership:  Any Law Enforcement Agency, corporate entity, bona fide commercial enterprise, business or organization expressing an interest in belonging to NAMI, may be considered for Corporate Membership upson submission of an application to the Chairman of the Membership Committee and approval by a majority of the Executive Board.

Honorary Life Membership: By a majority vote of those present at an annual meeting. NAMI may confer an Honorary Life Membership upon any person qualified for membership who has rendered distinctive service to NAMI or its purpose.  Nominations must be in writing to the Executive Board at least 60 days prior to the voting thereon, and the letter shall specify the reason for the nomination.  All past presidents of NAMI shall become life members at the conclusion of their term of office as president.  Any life member shall have privileges without payment of annual dues.

Officers and Directors The officers of NAMI consist of a President, First Vice president, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and seven Directors.  The President, First VP, Second VP and Three Directors shall be Law Enforcement members.  The Secretary/Treasurer and four Directors may be Non-law enforcement members.

Partnership with the United States Coast Guard:  NAMI (later IAMI) instructors began instructing Marine Theft Training as part of the National Safe Boating Instructor Course (NBSIC) and later the Marine Patrol Officer Course (MPOC) at USCG Training Center in Yorktown, VA, and later at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, SC.

1992 ATS Corpus Christi, TX

Martin Aberg was the first international member in NAMI.  This was the first time a marine investigator (LE) from outside the US attended.  The Swedish insurance investigation was considered as LE, the same structure as NICB in the US.

1994 ATS Boston, MA

Delegates from Sweden, Germany, UK, Canada and Venezuela, besides all delegates from the U.S. , During the seminar, we pointed out that NAMI should be an international organization since we, at that time, had several international members.

NAMI – Minimum Claims Procedures for Boat Theft Claims

NAMI developed a recommended minimum claims procedure for insurance company management of boat theft claims.  The investigative steps contained in the standards were developed in consideration of the loopholes commonly found in marine titling, underwriting and boat theft investigations.  While these recommended procedures were not all inclusive, they could lead claims personnel to ask the questions necessary to increase the potential for recovery of the vessel and/or identification of fraudulent claims.

  • Tier I -  Procedures:  Recommended as a minimum for all boat total losses caused by theft, sinking or fire.
  • Tier II -  Procedures:  Are for further investigation of those claims which leave you with more questions than answers at the conclusion of the Tier I procedure.

1994 National Association of Marine Investigators, (NAMI) Inc.

April 1st, 1994 – Original Articles of Incorporation filed in Tallahassee, Florida and listed as a 501(c) (6) corporation.

1994 – 2005 17 Character Hull Identification Number Project
IAMI, along with several other organizations including NASBLA, NICB, Boat U.S., NBSAC, EU Commission and AU Marine Forum, requested the Coast Guard expand the current 12 character HIN format to 17 characters.  Expanding the HIN format to 17 characters would result in a vastly improved watercraft theft and recovery reporting system.  The FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) maintains records of all stolen watercraft reported by the law enforcement community.  NCIC records for the year 2000 indicated that over 80% of all stolen watercraft were less than 20 feet in length and only 20% of the stolen watercraft were recovered.  This recovery rate compares with a 68% recovery rate of stolen vehicles for the same period.  NICB believes requiring a 17 character HIN, similar to the 17 character VIN required on vehicles, will greatly enhance the recovery rate of watercraft, as well as improve the theft reporting process.  Since the crime issue is of paramount importance to elected officials and the public today, all attempts should be made to streamline efforts among law enforcement, federal and state regulatory authorities and the insurance industry to combat watercraft theft.  We still have the original 12 Character HIN formats.

    1995 National Association of Marine Investigators Membership Roster

    U.S.A. Members:  918 in 47 States

    Various Countries:  63 members in 14 Countries

    1995 NAMI Photograph of Board of Directors

    The last meeting of NAMI was held at the Mill House in Charleston, SC.  The awards dinner was held at the Hibernian Hall next door, and is where the photograph was taken.

    From left ascending:  Dave McGillis, Florida Marine Patrol, IPP, Bill Oakerson, Boat US, Insurance Committee, Ed Geary, Puerto Rico, International Committee, Brian Ripley, TWRA, Resolutions Committee, John Clifton, Alabama Marine Police, Coast Guard Committee, Larry Ross, SCDNR, President, Jimmy Laird, Mississippi Department of Parks, Wildlife and Fisheries, 2nd VP, Ken Swiderski, Illinois Department of Conservation, Legislative Committee, Jerry Masters, Surveyor and Boat Builder, Marine Industry Committee, Dan Rutherford, Ocean Marine Specialties, Inc., Secretary / Treasurer, Richard Blodgett, Massachusetts Environmental Police, 1st VP

    International Association of Marine Investigators, Inc.

    1996 International Association of Marine Investigators, (IAMI) Inc.

    June 5, 1996 – Corporation name amended to International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI), Incorporated.  IAMI Europe held its first annual training conference in Southampton, United Kingdom.  Since then, seminars have been held at many locations throughout Europe including – Hamburg, Liege, Stockholm, Lignano, Rotterdam, Mallorca, Dubrovnik, Cork, Ibiza, Tallinn, Riga, Malta and Athens.

    IAMI Mission Statement:

    To develop and provide high levels of training to law enforcement, insurance investigators and other marine professionals.  Working and training together with both public and private sectors to combat marine theft, arson, fraud and other criminal activity in the marine environment.

    1996 IAMI Regional Coordinator Program

    The International Association of Marine Investigators were divided into regions for the United States.  Each region shall have a Regional Coordinator, designated by the Regional Coordinator Director.  Regional Coordinators are responsible for identifying and securing State Regional Coordinators to promote and conduct Regional Training Seminars (RTS).  They shall also assist hosts to ensure the proper administration / conduct of RTS, including course content in conjunction with the CMI program, securing IAMI certified instructors, teaching aids, local agency assistance, evaluation processes as outlined the Training Directors’ duties.

    1997 IAMI - State Farm Partnership

    • Watercraft Fire Investigations (03/97 - Tape: 130)
    • Watercraft Theft Prevention (2/97 - Tape: 129)
    • Watercraft ID & Theft Investigation (11/98 - Tape: 131)
    1998 IAMI Instructor Program

    The IAMI Board of Directors authorized the development of an IAMI Instructor Program to distinguish our members who consistently instruct year after year. 

    2000 – 2007 IAMI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    2000 -  National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
    2001 -  Florida Marine Intelligence Unit
    2002 -  Southern States Boating Law Administrators
    2002 -  Northern Association of State Boating Administrators
    2002 -  Western States Boating Administrators Association
    2003 -  Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
    2003 -  Western States Boating Administrators Association
    2003 -  Northern Association of State Boating Administrators
    2003 -  Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association
    2007 -  National Boating Federation
    2001 – IAMI Europe Steering Committee:
    IAMI Europe Steering Committee was formed.  The purpose of the Steering Committee was to facilitate geographically regionalized training and provide personalized membership handling.  The EUSC established SOPs in accordance with IAMIs Mission.

      2001 – 2009 IAMI Marine Theft Investigations Guide

      The original Marine Theft Investigations Guide was completed by investigators and the staff of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  Since then, members of the International Association of Marine Investigators Inc. (IAMI)., have contributed materials and guidance in this updated guide.  The Marine Theft Investigations Guide produced by SCDNR granted IAMI permission to convert to the New Marine Investigators Pocket Guide.

      Marine Theft Investigations Guide                       2001

      Marine Theft Investigations Guide                       2004

      Marine Theft Investigations Guide                       2006

      Marine Theft Investigations Guide                       2009

      2004 IAMI Certified Marine Investigators Program (CMI):
      During 2004, the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) unveiled the Certified Marine Investigators Program (CMI).  IAMI designed and implemented a Certified Marine Investigators (CMI) Program to recognize those investigators who have the experience and training, in addition to their own area(s) of expertise, to bring a new dimension and insight into their respective fields of endeavor.  IAMI Certified Marine Investigator (CMI) designation is limited to IAMI members in good standing who have experience and/or training in a wide range of areas.

      To thundering applause and widespread interest, IAMI launched its much anticipated Certified Marine Investigator (CMI) Program by offering the first qualifying examination at its 14th Annual Training Seminar held in West Palm Beach, Florida, during the week of February 23, 2004.

      Twenty-nine IAMI Members took the first CMI Examination and received their CMI Certification.  The below IAMI Members are current in the program:
             CMI #     NAME                               CMI # NAME
              1     Todd Schwede 13    Richard Wilson
        2     Richard Stavin          15 Neil Haynes
              3     Dan Rutherford 16    J. Michael Hunter
        4     Patrick Rowland 17    Stephen Knox
        5     Brian Ripley 19    Eric Lundin
        6     Jimmy Laird        20    John Manley
        8     Michael H. Smith 26    Chris Kelly
      The remaining 15 members have retired and/or let their CMI Certification expire.

        The participants must have – high moral character, meet minimum education/experience (high school diploma, minimum of three years’ experience which is directly or indirectly related to Marine Matters, Criminology/Law Enforcement and Insurance), pass the uniform CMI Examination (eligibility to sit for examination – minimum of 250 points through any combination of work experience, marine degree, vocational programs or credits through any combination of work experience, marine degree, vocational programs or credits through SAMS, NAMS, CFE, CPCU etc.), maintain required continuing professional education, pay annual Association dues and abide by IAMI By-Laws and the Code of Professional Ethics of IAMI.  This designation for IAMI Members will ensure that marine investigators are qualified in various aspects of marine terminology, forensic photography, investigations techniques, etc. 

        This certification has a mandatory 5-year recertification.  The designation(s) shall be limited to members in good standing who have experience and/or training in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, the detection, prevention and investigation of boat and related thefts, adjusting boat related insurance claims, marine surveying, admiralty law as it relates to recreational boating, cause and origin of fires, marine insurance policy interpretation, accident reconstruction, matters related to hull construction and the operation and repair of motors, and the like.

        As of May 29, 2020, IAMI has a total of 177 CMIs.  Read more about IAMI’s CMI Program in the Members Only area.

        CMI Marketing Program

        The CMI Marketing Team recommended to the IAMI BODs the below items for the CMI Members.  Each member will receive a CMI Coin; CMI Lapel Pin and CMI Patch.


        The founding fathers of the CMI Program: Todd Schwede, Dan Rutherford and Pat Rowland.  These members have maintained their IAMI Membership and CMIs Status since 2004.  Richard Stavin is a life member but let his CMI certification expire.

          2009 – 2020 IAMI Marine Investigators Pocket Guide

          This new guide was approved by the Officers and BODs at IAMI’s Mid-Year Business Meeting held in Portland, Oregon, on September 13, 2008.  Marine crimes cover a wide range of criminal acts from theft to insurance fraud.  In order to investigate marine crimes, the investigator should have some working knowledge of boats and motors.  IAMI produced this Pocket Guide as a tool containing information and check lists that will assist the marine professional conducting investigations with the identification of boats, motors and associated marine equipment.  The information was compiled by members of IAMI, Inc.

          • IAMI Marine Investigators Pocket Guide    2009
          • IAMI Marine Investigators Pocket Guide    2013
          • IAMI Marine Investigators Pocket Guide    2016
          • IAMI Marine Investigators Handbook   2020 (Available at IAMI HQ's)

          2009 IAMI Change in Status

          New Oregon Corporation was formed to seek 501(c) (3) status to enable IAMI access to USCG assets (training facilities) and be in a more favorable position to receive grant money.

          • February 27, 2009 – IRS letter acknowledging 501(c) (3) status effective March 27, 2008.
          • March 18, 2009 – 501(c) (3) status announced to IAMI Members at the 2009 Portland, Oregon ATS, at which time they voted to dissolve the Florida Corporation.

          2010 Dissolution of Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation IAMI, Inc.

          April 15, 2010 – Effective date of IAMI’s dissolution in the State of Florida.

          2011 – 2020 IAMI Marine Investigation Manual

          The original Marine Theft Investigations Guide was completed by investigators and the staff of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources authorized the International Association of Marine Investigators Inc. (IAMI) to update the Marine Theft Investigations Guide.  The new guide was renamed “Marine Investigation Manual”.  IAMI members contributed materials and guidance in this revision project.  In 2010, a new project was undertaken to produce IAMI’s Marine Investigation Manual.  The International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) has produced the Marine Investigation Manual as a tool to assist the investigator and a study guide for the Certified Marine Investigators (CMI) Program.  The Manual is a compilation of various aspects of marine investigation and is simply a tool.  The intent of the manual is to assist the marine professional conducting investigations with the identification of boats, motors and associated marine equipment.  Many resources to assist the investigator are included throughout the Manual.  This information was compiled by IAMI Members. 

          • IAMI Marine Investigation Manual          2011
          • IAMI Marine Investigation Manual          2012
          • IAMI Marine Investigation Manual          2016
          • IAMI Marine Investigation Manual          2017
          • IAMI Marine Investigation Manual          2020  (Posted under "Members Only" page)
          2011 IAMI Trademark Application

          On August 2, 2011, IAMI applied for and received approval for registration of “International Association of Marine Investigators, IAMI” and its Logo.

          2012 IAMI Instructor Program - Updates

          The IAMI Board of Directors established that all instructors for IAMI “Core Courses” must be an IAMI Certified Marine Investigator (CMI) or an IAMI Board approved ‘Subject Matter Expert’ within a specific field.

          2015 - CMI Instructors: 25 / Subject Matter Experts: 5
          • ·         Current number of CMI Instructors:  28
          • ·         Current number of Subject Matter Expert Instructors:  3

          2019 CMI Program Examination held at Biloxi, MS on March 20, 2019
          Six IAMI Members took the Examination and received their CMI Certification.  Listing of the new CMIs from Biloxi: Doug Alling, Mt. Pleasant, SC, Don Dahl, Prospect, KY, Michael Hill, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Christine Listen, Caledonia, MI, Diane Spinner, Orlando, FL, Scot Virgin, Miami, FL

            IAMI Past Presidents Photograph taken at the 2019 ATS held in Biloxi, MS.

            (Reading left to right): 
            Patrick M. Rowland, CMI, LT Jackson County SO – Retired             2002-2003
            Brian Ripley, CMI, Major Tennessee Wildlife Resources – Retired  2000-2001
            Kerry McCook, CMI, Boat US.                                                            2016-2017
            Rusty Russell, National Insurance Crime Bureau                            Current President
            Wayne Skrdla, CMI, LT. Oklahoma Highway Patrol – Retired         2014-2015
            Jimmy Laird, CMI, J-Bar & Associates                                               1998-1999
            Mike Smith, CMI, LTCOL Missouri State Water Patrol – Retired      2008-2009

            2019 European Membership
            Following the request of the European members, the European Steering Committee of the International Association of Marine Investigators, Inc. rebranded itself into the Global Marine Investigations (GMI).

            IAMI Conferences & Regional Training
            Each year the Association, in conjunction with its annual meeting, sponsors a three-day training seminar that is open to all members and to all interested law enforcement officers, insurance investigators, surveyors and Coast Guard Officials.  These seminars normally cover the various aspects of marine theft and fraud, boating accidents and very specific investigative techniques that will assist investigators in their investigations.

              IAMI Certified Marine Investigator (CMI) Core Courses

              IAMI Members developed the 11 Core Courses for the CMI Program.  

              • Marine Identification – 101
              • Outboards – 101
              • Inboard/Outboards – 101
              • Marine Identification PWC – 101
              • Federal Carriage Requirements – 101
              • Federal Documentation – 101
              • Admiralty Law – 101
              • Insurance Fraud – 101
              • Forensic Photography for the Field Investigator – 101
              • Marine Fire Investigations – 101
              • Boat Accident Investigations – 101
              NAMI / IAMI Annual Training Seminars (ATS)
              ATS #                Dates                         Attendees                             Location
              1                      Jan 1991                      unknown                                 Orlando, FL
              2                      Feb 1992                     unknown                                 Corpus Christi, TX
              3                      Mar 1993                     unknown                                 New Orleans, LA
              4                      Mar 1994                     unknown                                 Boston, MA
              5                      Feb 1995                     245                                          Charleston, SC 
              6                      Feb 1996                     259                                          Biloxi, MS
              7                      Jan 1997                      173                                          St. Louis, MO
              8                      Jan 1998                      240                                          Orlando, FL
              9                      Mar 1999                     223                                          Nashville, TN
              10                    Feb 2000                     247                                          Galveston, TX
              11                    Mar 2001                     150                                          Oklahoma City, OK
              12                    Jan 2002                      216                                          Las Vegas, NV
              13                    Feb 2003                     204                                          Panama City, FL
              14                    Feb 2004                     213                                          West Palm Beach, FL
              15                    Mar 2005                     188                                          San Diego, CA
              16                    Feb 2006                     210                                          Virginia Beach, VA
              17                    Feb 2007                      188                                          Panama City, FL
              18                    Feb 2008                     125                                          Baton Rouge, LA
              19                    Mar 2009                     177                                          Portland, OR
              20                    Jan 2010                      139                                          Galveston, TX
              21                    Mar 2011                     147                                          Chattanooga, TN
              22                    Feb 2012                     131                                          San Diego, CA
              23                    Feb 2013                     130                                          Isle of Palms, SC
              24                    Feb 2014                     110                                          Oklahoma City, OK
              25                    Mar 2015                     131                                          Mobile, AL
              26                    Mar 2016                     153                                          Knoxville, TN
              27                    Mar 2017                     116                                          Savannah, GA
              28                    Mar 2018                     130                                          Norfolk, VA
              29                    Mar 2019                     136                                          Biloxi, MS
              30                    Mar 2020                     121                                          North Charleston, SC

                IAMI 30TH Anniversary Coin

                The IAMI BODs approved a special challenge coin for attendees at the 2020 ATS held in Charleston, SC.


                NAMI / IAMI Regional Training Seminars (RTS)

                Year                      Location                                 Attendees                  Coordinator
                1995                San Diego, CA                           30                              Todd Schwede
                1997                Seattle, WA                               60                               Pat Rowland
                1998                Southampton, UK                     60                               Clark / Aberg
                1999                Copenhagen, Denmark                                                Clark / Aberg
                2000                Southampton UK                                                         Peter Clark
                2001                Hamburg, Germany                                                     EUSC Members
                2002                Nieuwpoort, Belgium                                                  EUSC Members
                2003                Golf Juan, France                                                        EUSC Members                    
                2004                Biloxi, MS                                  50                             Bill Dobson
                2004                Fredericksburg, VA                    24                              Kevin Kelly
                2004                Liege, Belgium                                                            EUSC Members
                2005                Baton Rouge, LA                        25                              Bill Dobson
                2005                Germany                                                                     EUSC Members
                2005                Wells, MA                                   83                              Dan Rutherford
                2006                Shreveport, LA                           22                              Bill Dobson                 
                2006                Stockholm, Sweden                                                   EUSC Members
                2007                Peoria, IL                                   38                              Eric Lundin                 
                2007                Lignano, Italy                                                               EUSC Members
                2007                Vancouver, WA                                                         
                2008                Rotterdam, the Netherlands                                       EUSC Members
                2009                Ontario, Canada                      34                              Dick Thorsen
                2009                Portschach, Austria                                                    EUSC Members
                2010                Mallorca, Spain                                                           EUSC Members
                2010                Gloucester, VA                         27                              Earl Joyner
                2011                Great Lakes                             14                              David Kacprowicz
                2011                Dubrovnik, Croatia                                                      EUSC Members
                2011                Oklahoma Regional                 68                              Wayne Skrdla
                2012                Sayreville, NJ                           104                              Dan Rutherford
                2012                Cork, Ireland                                                               EUSC Members
                2013                Ibiza Spain                                                                  EUSC Members
                2013                Portland, ME                            55                              Dan Rutherford
                2014                Tallinn Estonia                                                             EUSC Members
                2015                So Yarmouth, MA                   121                              Adam Holloway
                2015                Riga Latvia                                32                              EUSC Members
                2016                Qawra, Malta                                                              EUSC Members                    
                2016                Sandusky, OH                           18                              David Kacprowicz
                2017                Henderson, NV                         55                              Todd Schwede/Bill Dials
                2017                Athens, Greece                                                           EUSC Members
                2018                Port Orchard, WA                     34                              Peggy Feakes
                2018                Sibenik, Croatia                                                         EUSC Members
                2019                Henderson, NV                         82                              Todd Schwede/Bill Dials
                IAMI Training Seminars - Various Topics
                • ·         Admiralty Law
                • ·         Insurance fraud investigations
                • ·         Changes in the Marine Insurance Industry – Internet applications & Underwriting trends
                • ·         Computer Generated Fake Documents
                • ·         Container Theft
                • ·         Raising, tracing and lifting HINs (acid restoration)
                • ·         Identification of Marine Crimes – using the Internet
                • ·         PWC – HIN – VIN Identification
                • ·         State vessel registrations / new Coast Guard numbering regulations
                • ·         Stolen Boat Investigations – trends and patterns and security concerns
                • ·         Trailer serial numbers, outboard and inboard serial numbers, and vessel           identification numbers
                • ·         Updates on changes to Coast Guard regulations and policies
                • ·         Updates on the status of NCIC 2000 and VIDS
                • ·         Ethics and the claims process (not your usual unfair claims settlement presentations)
                • ·         HIN 101
                • ·         NICB – who they are and how they can help
                • ·         FIRE! – cause and analysis of actual cases, including live burns
                • ·         USCG Investigations
                • ·         Engine/outdrive/outboard motor identifiers
                • ·         What IAMI Can Do for Me
                • ·         Panel Discussions on Case Studies
                • ·         Report Writing
                • ·         Evidence Collection

                  Historically the most successful NAMI and IAMI ATS' have been those supported and/or sponsored by local Law Enforcement Agencies.

                  During 2012, IAMI noticed a decrease in Law Enforcement agencies sending officers to IAMI Training.  This was due to Local, State and Federal Budget cuts.  Furthermore, most LE agencies would not authorize Out-of-State Travel for any type of training. 

                  Another factor in a decrease of LE membership and/or participation in IAMI ATS training was that several agencies reorganized; disbanding their Marine Patrol Programs and/or placing them under State Police.  

                  1991 – 2020 Leadership NAMI - IAMI

                  President                  Years                         Location
                  Dave MacGillis          1991-92                     Orlando, FL / Corpus Christi, TX
                  Larry Ross                  1993-94                     New Orleans / Boston, MA
                  Dick Blodgett            1995-96-97                Charleston, SC / Biloxi, MS / St. Louis, MO
                  Jimmy Laird               1998-99                     Orlando, FL / Nashville, TN
                  Brian Ripley               2000-01                     Galveston, TX / Oklahoma City, OK
                  Pat Rowland              2002-03                     Las Vegas, NV / Panama City, FL
                  Karlton Kilby             2004-05                     West Palm Beach, FL / San Diego, CA
                  Sam Bean                  2006-07                     Virginia Beach, VA / Panama City, FL
                  Mike Smith                2008-09                     Baton Rouge, LA / Portland, OR
                  Martin Aberg             2010-11                     Galveston, TX / Chattanooga, TN
                  Jay Pragman              2012-13                     San Diego, CA / Isle of Palms, SC
                  Wayne Skrdla            2014-15                     Oklahoma City, OK / Mobile, AL
                  Kerry McCook            2016-17                     Knoxville, TN / Savannah, GA
                  Rusty Russell            2018-19                     Norfolk, VA / North Charleston, SC

                  Tony Spires               2020-21                     Charleston, SC

                  Secretary / Treasurer                                    Executive Directors____________

                  Dan Rutherford        1991/1993 Ronnie Rowland  2006-2013 Medford, OR
                  Mike Higgins            1994/2004 Julie Smith  2013-Present  Russellville, MO
                  Kevin Kelly               2004/2006
                  Tom Willis                2006/2009
                  Ian Lance                 2009/2010
                  Ron Morris               2010/2013

                  Pat Rowland            2013/Present       

                  Legal Council
                  Richard Stavin, California 2002 to 2008
                  Kyle Sturm, Oregon 2010 to 2011
                  Jason Harris, North Carolina 2011 to 2015
                  Chris Abel, Virginia September 2015 to Present

                  2020 IAMI President Letter to the Membership

                  IAMI Past Presidents' “Thoughts”:
                  Patrick M. Rowland

                  I have always followed the same work ethics as I am sure all of you have:  Integrity, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Professionalism and Loyalty.

                  My saying will be two thoughts:

                  "T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More”

                  "Teamwork:  Simply stated, it is less me and more we – There is no “I” in “Teamwork”
                    Jimmy Laird
                    My saying is Remember who you are and why the membership elected you as President.  Don’t change.  Remember where you came from.
                      Martin Aberg

                      Be yourself, listen and respect your board’s ideas and suggestions and you will be successful.

                      Wayne Skrdla

                      My Dad gave me work ethics, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol gave me Core Values that I try to live by.  Integrity, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Respect, Professionalism and Loyalty.

                      So I leave you with this quote!

                      “To be challenged in life is inevitable.”
                      “To be defeated is optional.”