Executive Committee

Tony Spires              President
Nathan Allen, CMI   1st Vice President
Nathan McGanty      2nd Vice President
Pat Rowland, CMI     Secretary/Treasurer
Rusty Russell            Immediate Past President/Adviser to Board of Directors/Nominating Committee
Chris Abel              Legal Adviser

Standing Committees/Chairs - 2020-2021

By-Laws, SOP's, & Resolutions
Charlie Hazouri, CMI  (Chair)
Jason Green, CMI
CMI Program
Cody Cieutat, CMI (Chair)         Nathan Allen, CMI
Charlie Hazouri, CMI Pat Rowland, CMI
Jay Pragman, CMI Brian Ripley, CMI
Wayne Skrdla, CMI
Pat Rowland, CMI (Chair)
Industry & Marketing
April Smith (Chair)
Damian Yongue
Angela Nixon (chair)
Chris Castelli, CMI
Investigator of the Year
Nathan Allen (Chair)
Nathan McGanty
IT Concerns
Nathan McGanty (Chair)
Charlie Hazouri, CMI
Patrick Carron, CMI
Law Enforcement
Damian Yongue (Chair)
Jason Green, CMI
Patrick Carron, CMI (Chair)
Cody Cieutat, CMI
Angela Nixon (Chair)
Jason Green, CMI
Regional Training Coordinators
Cody Cieutat, CMI (Chair)
Site Selection Committee
Nathan Allen, CMI (Chair)
Nathan McGanty
Chris Castelli, CMI 
Training & Public Education
Chris Castelli, CMI (Chair)
Charlie Hazouri, CMI
David Harlow, CMI
Social Media
April Smith (Chair)
Nathan McGanty

CMFI Committee
Cody Cieutat, CMI (Chair) David Harlow, CMI
Jay Pragman, CMI (Co-Chair) Charles Hazouri, CMI
Nathan Allen, CMI Glen Lawson, CMI
Pat Rowland, CMI
Jason Green, CMI