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Welcome to Kevin B. Hays Fire Consulting, LLC. We are headquartered in Central Florida, and operate a satellite office in Lake City, Florida, and provide forensic origin & cause fire and explosion investigations, along with expert consulting for fire and explosion cases. We also specialize in fuel gas fires and explosions involving liquefied petroleum (LP) and Natural gas systems. We are happy to provide work for individuals, organizations, legal counsel, the insurance industry and manufactures alike. Our goal is to provide quality fire and explosion consultation on every case. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your case and providing you with detailed analysis and results.


Aerial Drone Footage being filmed

Utilization of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) commonly called a drone, gives us the opportunity to acquire overhead aerial images and video to assist with evaluation of property and associated damage. This vantage point can be invaluable when the area is not accessible by other means. The utilization of the UAS allows us to capture documentation without the risk of personal injury from entering unsafe or remotely accessible areas.

Drone Footage
Our UAS operator has obtained and maintains his Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) as required by the FAA. Additionally, our UAS has been registered with the FAA and has met the necessary requirements to commercially operate the UAS within the governed regulations.

Our UAS is available to assist you with video and photographic images from an aerial vantage point. Among many other usages, the UAS has been utilized in roof evaluations, scoping damages and forensically to gather crucial documentation.

Please give us a call to see how the UAS may be of benefit on your next assignment.



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