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CMFI Qualifications

Only active members of IAMI who possess the IAMI-CMI are eligible for CMFI Certification.  To achieve the CMFI designation a member must meet the following minimum requirements:

     A.   Must be a member of IAMI;
     B.   Must be a CMI for a period of no less than One (1) year;
     C.   Be of high moral character;
     D.   Must be an Active Fire Investigator (Part-time or Full-time);
     E.   Must be the Investigator for at least 10 Marine related fire investigations in the last 6 years;
     F.    Must take Fire Investigation tracts at the IAMI 2022 ATS and 2023 ATS;
     G.   Attend 2 IAMI ATS Trainings;
     H.   Meet the minimum educational and experience requirements;
      I.     Maintain required continuing professional education;
      J.    Pay annual Association dues; and,
     K.  Agree to abide by the IAMI By-Laws and SOP’s Chapter 8, Section 2, Membership Code of Conduct.


IAMI CMFI applicant must have Fire Certifications from one of the following:

  • ·         Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF)
  • ·         IAAI-CFI International Association of Arson Investigations
  • ·         Certified Fire Explosion Investigator (CFEI)
  • ·         NAFI Certified Fire Explosion Investigator (CFEI)
  • ·         Any state Certifications that meets the requirements of NPFA 1033 requirements as well as the Pro-Board and IFSTA        National Certifications. 


Academic performance at an institution or of higher learning is recognized by IAMI as one measure of the skill and dedication of a marine industry professional.  IAMI also recognizes that many of its members obtain their education from demonstrated experience in the field working on cases.


CMFI Applicants must attend the following IAMI Core Curriculum Fire classes:

Chapter 5                  Vessel Fire O&C                                          4 Hours

Chapter 7                  Documentation                                          4 Hours

Chapter 8                  Fire Scene Examination                            4 Hours

Chapter 9 & 10          Insurance & Legal Considerations         4 Hours

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