Dear All,
The 20th European Conference in Athens is fast approaching, and your European Steering Committee would take this opportunity to remind you all, that at this years’ AGM, we are voting on the amended Bylaws (attached), where you give the Steering Committee the mandate of starting negotiations for a Franchise Agreement with IAMI Inc., thereby establishing IAMI Europe as an independent Chapter in its own right.

 The AGM agenda will be as follows:

 1. Call to order

2. Approval of the minutes of the preceding AGM

3. Economy – Members status/Fee/Financial Report.

4. Approval of Audit. Election of Auditor

5. Suggestions from members.

6. Voting for adoption of New Bylaws/Separate Chapter, accept to begin Franchising Negotiations (see link below).

7. Election of Officers: Simon Lofting standing down. Tommy Hansen standing down.

8. After vote, SC will constitute itself and Chair-/Vice-chairperson will be confirmed by the AGM.

9. Presentation of new IAMI Europe Admin (Ms. Gabriela Starkova) and goodbye to Ms. Christina Haid.

10.Next Conference.


Ref. Point 5. (Suggestion from members): Any points of discussion or suggestions that require a vote, should be forwarded to the SC one month prior to the AGM, so that it/they may be dispersed to the membership for their attention.

Ref. Point 7. (Election of Officers): Any Members wishing to candidate for positions on the SC, should announce their intent to the SC one month prior to the AGM, so that the SC may inform the membership of the Candidates.

Ref. Point 10. (Next Conference): Please consider venue sites for a possible conference, and at the same time any Points Of Contacts at the suggested venue site, who may lend assistance in setting up a possible conference.

We wish everyone a continued enjoyable summer, and hope to see you in Athens

Kind regards

The European Steering Committee

Proposed bylaws to be voted on


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